Restaurant Menu Planning

3.PMenu planning and Teaching chef Amit Menu Kitchen+ FNB team Fees :- ( Ask special Fees ) 1.@doing online research which food you should start and propose you . 2.@menu description and instruction recipe for cooks only. 3.@. Find out menu approximately food cost and suggest you selling price 4.@ create organization chart for you on the behalf of menu planning and your operation project. 5.@. Study competitive restaurant menus and suggest you strategy. 6. @ Conduct interview of cook and short list for your project & menu 

we chef amit team do the online survey and research which food category demand more in your location and on that basis we develop restaurant food and cloud kitchen menu with our unique recipes and selections.
Menu planning consultancy starting from 5 . This include many planning training of menu and 12 months of marketing and 3 months of staffing support

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