How to make restaurant Menu without a consultant 5 tips chef amit

Congratulation for starting a new restaurant now making a menu is very challenging for you because menu is your main product always understand your infrastructure will not get people back to your restaurant but you are tasty innovative food menu versus pricing of the food will take customers back to your property. Hello my name is Amit Gaur and professional I am a chef and today I am sharing you some of my experience is how you can make a menu of your restaurant without any consultant.

Trust me it is not so easy so be prepared you have to work really very hard to make a professional menu.

I will like to share you some of the key points you have to keep in mind while making a menu for your restaurant cloud kitchen or any food business 2023.

1. Your menu has to be datacentric and as per the demographic peoples preferences about food .

2. Your restaurant menu has to be using simple words and clear understanding about the dishes.

3. Your restaurant menu items should be very innovative and classy.

4. You are many should have a variety of food for children's , ladies, couple, adults, senior citizens, and Halal and regional food preferences.

5. I am extremely sorry some of the client call has came so I am not able to continue this block I am sharing you my email address you can contact me and we will discuss on video meeting hi@chefamit.con

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