How to make your customer happy tips by chef amit

Namaskar everybody want to make everybody happy but in this world it is so difficult. You cannot make everybody happy but your product and actions to be promising and value well.Today I am sharing you some of the best suggestions for your restaurant business so you can make your customers happy and engaging.

1. Your menu price has to be according to the service and food quality you provide. Don't charge your customers on the basis of your luxury infrastructure charge on the basis of the food you provide him or her on the table. 95% restaurant owners failed doing this. And 5%s who do this make profits like Dominos McDonald's and bigger companies.

2. Make your staff agreed with your Vision and Mission if single employee in your team is not agreed with your mission and mission they will make everyone failed. Keep trying and analysis which employee is lost connecting to your vision admission to make customers happy.

3. Think about how you can make your employees happy and comfort level. This is a direct connection with customer satisfaction increment.

4. Get a right people for right position is also one of the key factor

5. Ensure whoever coming to your restaurant your people give a great respect and recognition.

I am sure this five ideas is good enough to make your business happy customer happy try this you will definitely get success because from last 20 years I am applying this process and I have make an great contribution to restaurant and Food Industry.

Regards your Chef Amit

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