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                                            We want to hire professional chefs , cooks and service staff we are looking for restaurant manpower agency in Kolkata. Can you please guide or tell list of best chef recruitment agencies in Kolkata with their contact address phone numbers  to hire a chef ? 

Starting is a big problem in Kolkata people don't stay at one place not more than 6 month. Please help and provide the answer we are in a big problem we want a good peoples at our restaurant.

Dear sir thank you very much for writing questions on our website regarding restaurant staffing solution in Kolkata we have developed a dedicate website to help and find speciality chefs and cooks for restaurant.

I would like to share you information about our website name with address https://jobforcook.com/post-job

You can visit to this website post a job I mean to say which type of cook or Chef you want for your restaurant and other details like salaries etc-https://jobforcook.com/post-job

2. Our chef recruiters in Kolkata contact you on email for asking you want a free service a paid chargeable. Normally we preferred first free service. In which we use this beautiful platform Google to find the Chef for you. If we failed we have our Network and group of peoples who find and hunt for you.chefs and cooks for you .

Thank you very much I hope the answer you how you can find a best restaurant staff in Kolkata and which are the best Chef restaurant and consulting companies for solutions hiring people

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