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Food safety hygiene Consultant for hotels and restaurants ?

                                                                   Kalicharan ji ask chef amit how much food safety Consulting fees you take for providing food safety and hygiene training to hotels and restaurant, Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Mumbai, Pune, Rajasthan. Implementation at our restaurant and hotels. I have email you my requirement on your email   hi@chefamit.com , please revert back

You can keep in touch with Chef Amit .

Please contact on WhatsApp number +919571118855 ( 24 hour support ). Or write email hi@chefamit.com or call on phone number +919571118855 10-5 pm for all India restaurant cafe consulting Services to Chef Amit team.

From first July 2024. Limited support available on this platform due to heavy phone calls and emails.Please contact on WhatsApp number +919571118855 for quick reply 

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