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Menu planing and Recipe development cost?

                           I am starting a new restaurant please provide me the cost of menu planning and recipe development fees and consultancy charges we are starting a new restaurant and I am sure this question is helpful for everyone in India who is starting a new restaurant and looking for menu development consulting services from anyone consultant please tell us on what factor consultant charge the fees what will be the actual fees of restaurant menu planning and consulting fees and how I can contact you Chef Amit sir

Chef Amit provide restaurant menu planning and recipe costing designing all India services our menu planning fees which is a Consulting fees starting from 5 lac rs. In which we are providing following services to ensure you have a good sleep everyday after opening a restaurant many peoples reported after opening restaurant after 1 month of restaurant opening they have a sleep disorder. 

Our this package includes restaurant menu planning kitchen designing complete pre opening and 6 month kitchen management if you only want restaurant menu planning you can contact our 24 support number maybe fees will be less Chef Amit is one of the most expensive Chef consultant in India charging for menu Rs 5 lakh all India menu planning services available

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